Physical Education and Sports are necessary to the educational programme at SDI AHASS Primary School. We seek to educate the whole child, and Physical Education forms an integral part of the whole school curriculum. It allows students to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. They learn to work as part of a team, to recognise the abilities of others and to have an enjoyable learning experience. Physical Education at SDI AHASS Primary School aims to help children to:

  • Develop confidence and ability in a range of physical skills and activities in an exciting, safe and enjoyable environment
  • Learn to co-operate and work with others in group and team situations 
  • Gain an understanding of the role that Physical Education has on their health, well-being and lifestyle 
  • Develop an understanding of fair play and to accept winning and defeat with equal dignity 
  • Promote sports and activity as a healthy and enjoyable past time and encourage participation in physical activity outside of school

Physical Education fits well into the whole structure of sport at SDI AHASS Primary School, providing foundations and confidence for children to pursue their chosen sports through the extensive After-School Activities (ASA) Programme.  This includes a wide range of sports ASA’s which are open to all, and also a wide range of competitive sports squads.  Children in the squads will compete with other schools from across the region.